Electa Liberata is a pseudonym. Duh.

I choose to use a pseudonym in part to protect my family. Knowing how virulently hateful and ignorant many anti-libertarians are, it would be irresponsible of me to expose my family and, more importantly, my son to possible threats.

But this is only part of the reason. My primary goal is to provide an outlet for political views separate and apart from my real name, under which I write as part of my business. I imagine it won’t take long for the nosey hacker to figure out who I am, but I would ask that you respect my privacy by not “outing” me unless I expressly give you permission to do so.

Regardless, name is only part of one’s identity. If it helps, then you can also consider me a single mother, a business woman, a writer, a divorcée (twice!), and a four-time college drop out (if at first you don’t succeed…). I’m an outspoken critic of public education, though my sister is a public school teacher. Yes, that makes for some awkward moments. I was raised a Christian (a Southern Baptist, which is a breed all its own), but consider myself agnostic/atheistic. And I despise the pseudo-moral superiority of suburbanites, greenies, and vegetarians. Normally, I’m a tolerant person, but even I have my limits.

A word about comment moderation, which is enacted. Please do not leave vulgar, threatening, insulting, or anonymous comments. Pseudonymous comments are fine, although I do ask that, for the sake of continuity, one person uses the same pseudonym. No ad hominem attacks, no trolls, and no sock puppets. Be respectful or you’re banned. Think I’m harsh? Tough. My blog, my rules. Act like an adult or be treated like a child.


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